Zanzibar Beaches

Zanzibar Beaches

Duration: 1 days
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Brilliant white beaches lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean provide the perfect places to relax, soak up the busy sightseeing.

Modern resorts nestle in the shade of coconut palms, providing cool and comfortable retreats. The beaches are paradise. Most indigenous people live in fishing villages where they live a simple way of life, unchanged through the years.

Just south of Zanzibar town are Fuji Beach and Chuini Beach, which both offer facilities for a range of water sports, while to the north there is Mangapwani where the only noise is likely to be the sound of the ocean.

On the northern tip of the Island is Nungwi, where visitors can watch fishermen’s boats being built or swim in the coral lagoons.

On Zanzibar’s northeast coast are the beaches of Matemwe, Mapenzi, Kiwenwga and Uroa, with their wide stretches of uncrowded sands and opportunities to explore the underwater world.

Other well developed resorts areas: Pingwe, Bwejuu and Jambiani are to be found on the south-eastern coast. As well as water sports there are also opportunities for fishing or for observing the activities of the local fishermen.

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