Cultural Treks

Maasai Walking Cultural Safaris

Maasai walking cultural safaris take place in the wild African bush, home to several Maasai communities. Perhaps the most revered of the great African nomadic tribes, the Maasai originated in the Nile basin and migrated south through Ethiopia to Kenya and Tanzania in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. They were then known as the fiercest of warriors. Now they struggle to retain their modest lifestyle.

Starting in the foothills of 2,590m tall Mt. Longido, a sacred Maasai mountain, you will trek across the floor of the Great Rift Valley right to the foothills of the visually stunning Crater Highlands with the Maasai as your guides. En route, you will also have the chance to visit Mt. Kitumbeine, game-filled plains around Nagarirat, Gelai Village, and the escarpment of the Great African Rift Valley.

Trek Highlights

  • Trekking across the game-filled African plains
  • Interacting with ¬†the ¬†Maasai warriors and experiencing their way of life
  • Opportunity to visit Maasai villages and witness their daily life.
  • Views of the foothills and volcanic Rift Valley
  • Visit the only Ngorongoro crater in the world and enjoy the game drive of your lifetime.
  • Engage in community projects in the areas we trek across.
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